Trustline Privacy Policy

Trustline platform offers these terms and conditions in order to inform you of our standard legal procedures and practices, which govern this platform and all its related services, kindly read and review these terms and conditions carefully before using this platform and your using of it will considered as your explicit consent unconditional and irreversible, therefore, you must Adhere to these terms and conditions.

Data Used

What information do we collect
The platform obtains information from the customer and the expert for the purpose of helping to contact them, execute their requests and provide all services that achieve the purpose of creating this platform. When using the platform:
  • We can track and collect some application usage data such as: date and time of entry and number of visitors.
  • We can collect general personal data such as: name, mail, mobile number and date of birth, which are provided during the registration process on the platform.
How is it used?
Follow-up the platform’s security
The platform periodically evaluates its operations and systems to ensure continuous compliance with the obligations imposed by the system or regulations regarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the security of customer or expert's confidential information within the platform information systems and maintenance of platform information systems. The platform is committed to documenting the results of these assessments or any preventive activities taken in response to this follow-up.
The platform will define strong and safer authentication and password requirements for all systems that access customer or expert information or related systems.
The platform performs operations to determine if the member is reliable enough to operate in an environment containing platform information systems, customer information or confidential expert.
Managing Security Gaps
The platform should use security vulnerability management processes to mitigate data security risks to customer or expert's confidential information. These operations should also include steps to solve the problems identified by the platform, the customer , any regulatory agency, auditor, or others.
Storage media protection
The platform is committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of the storage media containing customer or confidential expert information that has been properly cleaned of all customer or confidential expert information or destroyed before disposal or reuse for non-platform processing. All media on which customer or expert's confidential information is stored must be protected from unauthorized access or modification. The platform must track the receipt, removal and transfer of storage media used for platform information systems or on which customer or expert's confidential information is stored.
Data Retention Mechanism
The platform maintains personal data as necessary and during the membership period of the customer or expert. We can also keep personal data longer than this period when needed in order to protect ourselves against any statutory claims. You are always entitled to request the deletion of your data and we will fulfill the requests as possible.